The Philosophy of Warsaw

After a year apart, Maddy and I reunited in Poland. She was going to a philosophy conference in Warsaw. "Meet me there and you can come with me," she said, with her characteristic optimism. "But...I'm not a philosopher...are you sure they'd let me in?" I hesitated. "Of course!" The next week I was skipping to the train station … Continue reading The Philosophy of Warsaw

The Church of Bones: Kutná Hora

Kutna Hora. Winter 2015. There's an eerie spirit about this place. It's quiet and mysterious. Peace is felt in silent reverence for the dead, on flowers placed atop cemetery graves, and whispers. 40,000 skeletons of forgotten humans decorate and furnish a church that gives this small town fame. We are here to see and believe it. The Church of Bones is a sacred … Continue reading The Church of Bones: Kutná Hora