Cartwheeling through South Moravia

I took a long weekend to explore the southern part of the Czech Republic--Moravia, known for its warm weather, plentiful wines, and laid back culture. I went bowling, watched a kamikaze-like air show, got motion sick on an unbelievably scenic bus ride, cartwheeled around a chateau, and drank Moravian wine as the sun melted and softened everything in shades of honey and I … Continue reading Cartwheeling through South Moravia

Chasing Insouciance and Skate Spots

"Barcelona's got swagger," was the first thing my sister said to me as we maneuvered our suitcases through the skateboarding ballet in Universitat Square. It was December, but the energy in Catalan's capital was as energetic as early spring. People didn't walk, they bounced. They didn't skate, they glided through crowds, on staircases, and across streets. This city is glued … Continue reading Chasing Insouciance and Skate Spots