Humans of Liberec Part II

With two of my precocious students, sisters Tereza and Bara Balatkovy, I decided to do a photojournalism project in the style of Humans of New York. This is the second installment. We walked around Liberec and Bara interviewed strangers on the street about memorable moments in their lives and Tereza photographed them during the interview. Both sisters helped to translate, edit, and choose their favorite stories to be included in the project we’ve dubbed Humans of Liberec.

“I‘ve never planned anything. Whatever happens, happens. That’s life.”


“I want to be a fireman because I think it would be fun to climb the ladder. But I think it’s very, very hard.”


“My goal in life is simply to be happy—happy in a relationship, happy with my job, happy with my family.”


“I just want to be happy and make my dreams come true. I want to visit Australia and, if possible, I want to move there and have a family.”


“I want to be a nurse in a hospital. I want to show mommys what to do with their babies. And I also want to be a hairdresser. I want to make hair for princesses.”


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