My new home

After 20 hours of flying, I arrived in Bangkok late last night, mind racing and eyes burning from jet lag. I am in a constant state of flux between exhilaration and delirium. I have only been sleeping about 2 hours a night since Monday, but it doesn’t seem important. Exploring this new city is my only priority. In the few short hours I’ve been here, I have successfully haggled for a cab (and been rewarded for my tenacity with a head pat by my cab driver), staved off a marriage proposal, and been invited to stay with a new friend in Vietnam. At the Nappark Hostel where I am staying, I met Melanie for the first time and we talked like old friends. Her laugh brought be back to life. This afternoon we have plans for breakfast and a boat ride.

New home, new life, new me. Or maybe the same me. We shall see.


8 thoughts on “My new home

  1. Lacey Moldow says:

    Eugene, so happy you made it there ok! Glad I can keep up with you on here so I’m not a worried, anxious mess thinking about you. I just want to say that you are such a badass and one of the most amazing women I know. You are so much braver than I am, and I love that about you! I know you will kick ass there…skype me when you can!!!! Love you, Fool!

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