Anuban Chonburi

We found out our teaching placements today! I will be in a primary school in Chonburi, a town 100km east of Bangkok, with Mel and three other girls from my program. At Anuban Chonburi, I will be teaching kindergarten English and 1st grade English and Science. The little ones require performance and patience and constant engagement. Focus, re-focus, shift focus, repeat. Basically, I am going to be singing songs and playing games all day long. They hired a teacher, but really the job description should say ‘babysitter/performer/energizer bunny’ and I’m ok with that. We leave for Chonburi this Saturday at 7 am. My first day of school is next Thursday, November 1st.

3 thoughts on “Anuban Chonburi

  1. Lacey Moldow says:

    I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for that job! You are a one woman show! Good luck in your new city! Love you!

  2. Ethel Lecas says:

    Those kids will love you to no end and you will love them with your great big beautiful heart.Good luck,have fun Ill be praying for a very successful experience. Love Gram

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