Bangkok Arts and Culture Center

Last Saturday, Mel and I spent all day running up and down the nine spiraling stories of the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center. This place blew our minds! They had live music, real coffee, tons of little shops selling handmade recycled crafts, and an overwhelming collection of local Thai art, both traditional and modern. AND, they had an entire floor filled with stacks upon stacks of old magazines, books, and newspapers–all free for the taking. Feeling the urge to make Asian-inspired collages, I spent nearly an hour rummaging through the piles and scavenging for new materials.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibitions, respectively:

“PAKSA-BINH,” by Neungruthai Peukpean (2011)
“Sacrifice,” by Pratuang Emjaroen (1976)
“Copulate with Love,” by Kosit Juntaratip (2011)
“The beautiful flower hidden in Pattani,” Jehabdullah Jehsohoh (2011)








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