One foot in the door

Since coming to Thailand, I made a goal for myself to have my writing published in a travel magazine. Today, that dream is realized. My poem, “Making Tea in Thailand,” made the January issue of the SEA Backpacker magazine! Check it out on page 11.


5 thoughts on “One foot in the door

  1. Lacey says:

    Whoa, Joc!!! Congratulations! This is such an amazing accomplishment, and I am so proud of you! Now we just need to work on getting all of your blog posts made into a travel memoir!

  2. proxy gate says:

    “I honestly like to come here and look around your site and I specifically adore this post. I worship your possibility to say what you want in a few words. You immediately go to the point and you don’t circle around. I hope you will continue to post in your style and that you will not change it. Yours truly, Keisha.”

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