Train ride to paradise

On Saturday I awoke at 6am to a moving picture outside my window. Blue mountains and flashes of green as far as I can see. Palm trees. Banana leaves. A feeling of peace. I am exactly where I want to be. We took the overnight train ride to Koh Phangan to check out the island’s infamous Full Moon Party. This is only Day 3 of my journey and already I am blown away by how much I’ve seen, how much I’ve learned. Our service attendant on the train is always smiling, radiating warmth. He seems like he is always bouncing. His blessings are many. They are his springs. Outside, white birds perched on the backs of water buffaloes. Life in the wild jungle.

Mel and I take a bus to the pier, then a ferry to the island. On the way we soak up the scenery around us. Mountain islands covered in jungle terrain. We became friends with some locals from Bangkok and Mel and I had life talks, sharing stories, inspiration. We discussed the importance of giving and working at jobs with meaning. Dreams of changing the world. Helping, learning, uplifting.

In Koh Phangan, we take a songthaew (truck bed taxi) to the Blue Lotus Resort. We shared a one room bungalow that is simple and lovely. Nothing more than we need and this alone makes everything we have more special. We are a few steps from the beach we share with only a handful of others. Mel and I go for a dip and can not stop laughing about how fantastic everything has been. We do not feel worthy. Our expectations are always surpassed tenfold.

We met Allie, an aspiring English teacher and Sian, a local from Ban Phe. She and I share many friends back home in Atlanta, and he is a swell kite boarder I hear. I am pretty sure they’re in love.

We take an early night to make up for sleepless nights. It’s so hard to sleep here. I am in awe. Everyday in awe.





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