Bangkok bound, language learning

Looking back on Monday, October 1st:

Took the morning ferry to Surrat Thani train station. Caught the 6:30pm overnight train to Bangkok. The “Rapid” train is a bumpy ride. I often considered the possibility of derailing or collision. Met Pablo from Madrid. He, like most, apologized for not speaking flawless English. As if he failed us, and owed us some debt. We say the simplest phrases in Spanish, or French, or Thai and native speakers are pleased, amused. They, in return, hold full conversations with us in English and are ashamed if they botch a single word. We are learning just how universal the English language is. Shared some beers and practiced Thai with Mel. Bangkok by morning.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok bound, language learning

  1. Ethel Lecas says:

    I am loving reading your journal.,it is the most interesting thing I’ve ever read,knowing the author makes it so,Love you Josalin stay safe and let your heart receive their love and kindness.Gram

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